MOGLO (Mourning Glory) is an international rock band based out of Hessen, Germany.

Founded by Michal Bandac in 2016, the band incorporates musicians from all over the world in addition to its three-piece core.

The band has just completed their debut album, "Life Herself", which includes a breathtaking roster of international talent including Mario Calire (The Wallflowers, Ozomatli), Danny Giles (The Danny Giles Band), Elisa Friedrich (Gewandhaus Orchestra), Fernando Yokota (Peter Gabriel, Frankfurter Philharmonie, Deep Purple, David Garrett), Daniel Schild and more.

Because of the band's diverse elements of hard rock, pop, blues, hot-club manouche and reggae, MOGLO has been described as what it would sound like if "Sly Stone and the Rolling Stones made dinner for The Police in Jane's Addiction's country house and invited John Lennon and a few Rabbis."

"Aufgrund der Stilelemente aus Rock, Klezmer, Blues, Metal bis hin zu Reggae, wurde MOGLO als Mischung bezeichnet die entsteht, wenn "Sly Stone und die Rolling Stones für The Police in Jane´s Addictions Landhaus kochen und John Lennon, sowie ein Rabbi als Gäste eingeladen sind " - FRIZZ Magazin

"Crushing...with a rhythm section that makes The Who's Keith Moon and John Entwistle sound like a lounge act" - John Daly, Toronto Globe and Mail

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Impressum: Michael Bandak, Ketzerbach 29, 35037 Marburg

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